• Git Gardening: Managing your Branches

    If you are working on a large git project, it’s easy to end up in git-branch hell. Ideally people delete feature branches after they are done with them, but in practice this doesn’t always happen. Here are a few commands to help you manage your ever expanding cloud of branches.

  • Alphabet League of Legends Challenge

    We’ve been playing a series of League of Legends games where each game, every champion we pick must contain a given letter of the alphabet (so for the “A” game, every champion picked needs to have an “A” in the name, then for the next game every champion needs to have a “B”, and so on.)

  • Essential Plugins for Atom

    Updated: See my new list of plugins for Atom v1.0 here.

    A quick list of handy plugins I’ve found for the Atom text editor.

  • Creating an SPF record

    So, you want to add an SPF record to your domain.

    First, SPF records used to be held in TXT records, but more modern DNS systems hold the SPF data in an actual “SPF” record. If your DNS solution doesn’t support SPF, then use the TXT record instead. Either way, the format is the same. Here’s a very simple example, which only allows mail sent from an IP address listed in one of the MX records for the domain  IN SPF "v=spf1 +mx -all"
  • Reason and VMPK on Windows 7 64-bit

    A friend of mine wanted to get Reason up and running on his laptop, so he could mix up some mad beats on an airplane. It's a bit tough to lug a MIDI keyboard about on the plane with you, though. You might learn to play a more compact MIDI instrument, but a better solution is to use a "virtual instrument".

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