• Converting from coffee-script to ES2015

    At my office, we’re a coffee-script shop. Of late, though, more and more of the cool features of coffee-script seem to be getting ported to Ecmascript 2015, and with node.js now supporting many of these features, I decided it was time to try out a small project in ES2015. The TL;DR here is that Babel is a nice way to access fancy ES2015 features, even ones that aren’t in the latest node.js, but Babel comes with a significant compile-time overhead.

  • Windows 10 Upgrade

    Upgraded to Windows 10 today. The Windows 10 upgrade should show up in your Windows Update, but if you’re impatient to can go to this link to download an app that will upgrade right now. Overall the upgrade was pretty painless, but here’s a few problems I ran into:

  • Essential Plugins for Atom v1.0

    With Atom 1.0 out, a revised list of handy plugins I’ve found for the Atom text editor.

  • Generating a coverage badge with Istanbul and S3

    This is a quick shell script I whipped up to generate code-coverage badges for my private repos, and upload them to S3. Thought I’d share it here, in case anyone needs something similar.

  • Coffee-Coverage now has Istanbul Support

    Very happy to announce that coffee-coverage now has support for Istanbul. Lots of good tutorials available to hopefully get you up and running as fast as possible. Give it a try, and let me know if you have any questions or problems or comments.

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