• On the Construction of Murderous Robots

    Englert, Siebert, and Ziegler recently published a paper which purports to prove that it is impossible for a robot to correctly decide whether or not to kill a person.

  • Setting up Logstash with Docker

    Because this took me all day today, I wanted to share how to get Logstash up and running under Docker.

  • Exploring Ansible with Vagrant

    I’m learning Ansible at the moment. In order to play around with it with in nice safe disposable environment, I’ve created an “Ansible playground” with Vagrant.

  • Automatic Notifications of Updates in Ubuntu

    Have a server running Ubuntu? Want an email when there are packages that need updating? Here’s how.

  • Setting up FreePBX

    I’m setting up a FreePBX system for my house. My goal is to make it so that I can make and receive calls using a phone in the house.

    When someone calls in, they are greeted with a voice menu (IVR in FreePBX terms) which simply asks them to press 1 to talk to a human. This is done to screen out telemarketers - most telemarketers dial your house by robot, and then connect a human to the other end of the line once you pick up and say “Hello.” This is usually not an instant process, which is why you usually have to say “hello” a few times. Therefore, the telemarketers usually miss the IVR, and are greeted with silence.

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